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Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Currently

I am linking up for the first time to the 'Currently' linky party over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. I've been wanting to link up since I first started blogging last month, so here it goes.

I am currently loving the Olympics, and to my surprise my five year old son is loving watching them too. I kind of expected him to put up a fuss to watch his Disney Channel shows but he hasn't at all!

Today I finished Cameron's yearly shutterfly photo book. I make one every year just before his birthday. This year's book includes photos from when Cameron was five years old. If you haven't created a photo book you need to right now! I am horrible at printing off photographs, but each year I create and order a photo book for Cameron. They are my most treasured possessions. You can check mine out at the link below.

Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

The next three items all involve B2S of course. Squeezing every last bit of fun out of summer, getting some pampering for myself, and dreading the organizational task of sorting books.
My B2S must have items are pretty self explanatory. #1 - Love my laminator, couldn't live without it. #2 Love my sharpie markers, need to get the 80's set before its gone. #3 Need my checklists to survive. Love technology and now I use my iphone for this task all the time! Thanks for reading and following,


  1. The shutterfly books are so great! I did one for a Christmas gift this past year and it was one of the best gifts I'd ever given! Ditto on the Sharpies too...just bought some more today!

    Have a great rest of your summer :o)
    Peace Love & PreK

  2. I found you through the Currently linky!...I'm needing to organize my classroom library as well. I did it at the end of the school year last year, but when they cleaned my classroom this summer they decided to pull ALL of the books out. So I have to redo it! Ugh. Good luck with your classroom! :)

    Sliding into First!

  3. shutterfly is awesome!!!

    so many teachers need haircuts, I find that so funny!

    enjoyed reading your Currently!

    Hodges Herald

  4. I enjoyed reading your currently!! I love Shutterfly! I have had so many things published through them!! Enjoy your August!!

    Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog