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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday

I'm linking up again with Elizabeth at Fun In Room 4B for a linky party called

I scored a few really good deals for school this week, along with something a little bit different. I will share my school items first. First off I got some plastic drawer units for my classroom at 50% off. I've been keeping my eye open for a sale on these, and I finally found it.
I think I will leave off the casters and place this along my back counter to hold math games/centres/manipulatives or something along those lines. I bought two, so I basically got one for free. They were $9.99 each at Canadian Tire.

Michael's had a buy two get one free sale, so I picked up a few items and applied my teacher's discount as well. I had a gift card from awhile back so my deals felt even better. No debit to my account or charge to my credit card.

My last find is not school related, but I stumbled across these while shopping online for my son's upcoming birthday. My son and husband have been obsessed with playing Minecraft lately, so I ordered this Lego set at

Not exactly a great deal, but if you compare it to the price these are fetching on eBay, I guess its a pretty good deal. Anyways, while searching for this Lego set I ran across this website to create paper crafts. A.G. Papertoys. Basically you print off templates to fold, cut and paste little paper minecraft characters. Here's a picture off their website.

You should know that this is NOT a child friendly craft, the cutting and folding is extremely intricate. Definitely an adult or older child job. But they are just sooooo cute and Cameron LOVES playing with them. A great afternoon activity. Plus Cameron is happy to 'play' minecraft using his imagination and I'm happy to get him away from the xbox. Hooray! A quick picture of Cameron with some of his new paper minecraft toys.

He played with them all afternoon cooking up various scenarios, he's a very happy boy! Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!


  1. I love those plastic drawers and need some more. That's awesome that you found them for for 50% off. I found you through this linky and I'm your newest follower. :)
    iTeach 1:1

  2. What a score on those plastic drawers! Your son is precious:) Thanks so much for linking up.

  3. Those little paper minecraft people are adorable! Also love your drawers. I love plastic organizers.. and that was actually my friday find this week too!

    Reaching for the TOP!