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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More great finds stateside

Yesterday, we took a drive across the border for some shopping and dinner after swimming lessons were done. We decided to travel a bit further than normal to Watertown. A trip to Watertown is amazing because Watertown has a Target!

In Canada we do not have Target....yet. A big box chain of department stores has been taken over by Target in Canada, but I don't think that any of the stores have been converted to Target stores yet. Although I'm not sure how similar they will be anyways. The products can vary vastly across the border, there are many products/brands that we simply cannot get here in Canada. A trip to our local Walmart is much different than a trip to Walmart in the USA. Anyways, we inevitably come home with a cart full of products simply because we don't have them here. For example the following food items found there way into the cart yesterday, simply because we can't get them here.

We can't get the sugar free version here

Don't these look delicious! I plan on making rice krispie treats with them

Cameron's special treat - Our family seems to have a chocolate mint obsession

I love this stuff! I bought 4 boxes! I've never even had regular instant cream of wheat, or any cream of wheat for that matter.

Anyways I couldn't resist buying some classroom items as well. I'm trying to curb my spending but there were some really cool things there that I just had to have of course.
Some stickers, self inking stamps, koosh balls, erasers, birthday cakes and a cute little box

Just a short post today, but look for a post from me tomorrow related to planning using a cool technology product.

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  1. No Target in Canada?!?!? How do you survive?!? :-) I'm your newest follower!

    1. Hooray! My very first follow! Hopefully soon we will have a Target. I'm quite addicted to shopping there, like many other teachers out there blogging.